Kids Area

What is the Kids Area?

An 8,000 m2 space dedicated to aspiring young makers from 4 to 15 years of age!
Through the activities they did, the young participants could see with their own eyes what being a maker really means. Electronics, robotics, programming, and digital creativity were the basis for all the experiences supplied within the area, many of which also dedicated to creative tinkering, and to learning by doing.

The exhibition space included lots of stands; there, the young participants met the makers and their designs.


For children 6 to 15 years of age

7 rooms dedicated to holding technological and educational workshops, lasting about one hour, in programming, robotics, and tinkering. >

Teaching islands

8 open islands, rich in teaching experiences, dedicated to tinkering, crafting, coding, prototyping, and technological and scientific education.

The activities in the Kids Islands were divided into age groups. Creative Learning Tour

Every 15 minutes, the children, from 5 to 13 years of age, could take part independently in one-hour teaching paths rich in hands-on experiences dedicated to robotics, electronics, coding, and digital creativity. The tours were active throughout the duration of the fair.

Fablab 4 kids

Three fablab 4 kids were set up for young, aspiring makers to see with their own eyes how a real FabLab works, thanks to the help of real Makers! With them, attendees discovered the secrets of all the most interesting machinery in digital “do-it-yourself.”

1: InnovationGym Fab Machines

Games of skill, using machines invented and built in the Fablab InnovationGym that operated only when there’s teamwork. We brought some fablab machinery to show how machines are used for activities of this kind.

By Fondazione Mondo Digitale

2: Roma Makers Digital Design Studio

The fablab area for minimakers were equipped with 3D printers and a small laser cutter. In it, small experiments run in rotation, with children and young people taking part.
The youths were able to make digital art. The artistic movements that have left their mark on history were revisited with technology, and reproduced, 3D printed, and laser-cut. The cultural path blended with technology, bringing it closer to current languages and raising awareness of art and technology among children and young people.

By Officine Roma Makers aps

3: Soldering Lab

A continuous soldering lab, teaching the most interesting of the maker disciplines!
Participants put together the pieces of a fabulous, lighted gadget.

By Watterott and Codemotion Kids

Performance Area

A stage for demonstrations and science shows, approximately 15 minutes in length, repeated throughout the days of the event.

Science Corner

Dott. Burger was back with his new crazy experiments.

A cura di DiScienza

Waves Hunters

Waves Hunters is a science demonstration show which uses experiments and storytelling to make a journey through the wave concept, starting from the most commonly known, until you get to illustrate the essence of gravitational waves, climb to the general public limelight after the announcement, last February 11, their first point in history.

A cura di PsiQuadro


Drones For Kids  (Inside of the pav. 9)

A mini aviary where kids discovered everything about the world of drones and try to fly them.

A cura di DiScienza

Let’s play with Gravitational Waves! (Outside of the pav. 9 under the boardwalk)

An installation created with the support and collaboration of INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) dedicated to experimentation and visualization of gravitational waves and gravitational pull.

A cura di DiScienza 

Air Rockets! (Outside of the pav. 9 under the boardwalk)

Understand the conservation of momentum and the third law of mechanics through an air rocket. Before being fired the rocket is completed with a paper tube, fins and nose cone. The rockets remained as gadgets to the young participants.

A cura di DiScienza