House of drones

The area dedicated to everything new coming from the world of drones was doubled this year, with no less than two aviaries (at Pavilion 5) that allowed the simultaneous execution of various activities.

The larger one, the “House of Drones by Tim”, with no less than 800 m2 of enclosed space and among the largest aviaries in the world, were the site for exhibitions that was repeated in the course of the day, with 20 minute slots at the most, by TIM, FPV Racing Club, by the Facebook group dedicated to multirotors and by makers with selected projects.

The association of drone racing pilots “FPV Racing Club” hold demonstrations of acrobatic flight with homebuilt drones and ones driven with the aid of FPV glasses (Front Person View) that allows one to see what the camera at the edge of the drone itself is framing. 

In the aviary, the largest Facebook group in Italy was there: (10,000 members) presenting exhibitions and choreography, even attempting the world record of 32 special drones stopped mid-air at the same time.

The smaller aviary, “Leroy Merlin Drone Training”, measuring 100 m2, was instead dedicated, throughout the day, to the introductory flight, with drones made available to a younger audience. The curators of the initiative are the drone-maker and UAV pilot, expert in open-source hardware development and disseminator of low cost and professional digital construction, Paolo Mirabelli, the video blogger Luigi Mazzeo and the Associates of the FPV Racing Club.

Drone enthusiasts, moreover, attended to mini-conferences with professionals in the sector on: safety in the use of multirotors; the legal sphere; professional use.

In the Mini-aviary “Drones For Kids”, set up in the Kids Area (Pavilion 9), children discovered everything regarding the world of drones and tried to pilote them.

Within the same Area, kids from 13 years and up, with some experience under their belts about Arduino, electronics, robotics or coding, were able to witness some test flights and games created by means of the Drone Droiko platform.